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T169MM-A (M10)
2014-11-13| 1437| Print |

◆ This engine is water-cooled. Cooling fluid can effectively absorb the piston movement noise, combustion noise and valve seat noise. The engine is always in a state of optimum temperature, which can ensure performance reliable, power strong, environmental protection and fuel efficiency.
◆ The drive system is with a new design CVT, which ensure the acceleration strong and smooth.
◆ This engine is with large flow water pump and oil pump, which make engine cooling effect obvious and performance more excellent.
◆ This engine is horizontal and with a extended crankcase, suitable for luxury scooter with 15 inch tires.

Technical Parameters

Engine type 1-cylinde, 4-stroke, water-cooled, SOHC
Bore 69mm
Stroke 66.8mm
Displacement 249 cc
Compression ratio 10:01
Max power 14 kw /6500 r/min
Max torque 19 N.m /5500 r/min
Minimum fuel consumption rate ≤354g/kw.h
Fuel feeding EFI/Carburetor
Starter system Electric
Ignition model CDI
Clutch Dry shoe automatic centrifugal type
Drive system CVT
Transmission ratio Belt 0.829~2.444
Gear 2.666×2.533
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