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K172FMM /K172FMM-G (M09)
2014-11-13| 6478| Print |

◆ Performance is more excellent than other domestic 250 cc engine.
◆ Optimizing the design of crank connecting rod mechanism and adding the balance shaft structure, which greatly reduces the vibration of the vehicle.
◆ Optimizing the design of air passage according to the principle of aerodynamics, which reduce the air intake resistance and make air intake more smoothly.
◆ Lightweight design is with the short piston skirt and ultra-thin piston ring, which effectively reduce the power loss.
◆ The oil cooling technology can reduce the working heat load of the engine and improve the working life of the engine.
◆ Bigger cylinder, longer cylinder head fin, and ensuring that upper cross section area of the cooling passage of combustion chamber and air pass no barrier at the same time, which can ensure the sufficient heat dissipation ability and avoid engine power drop caused by high temperature.

Technical Parameters

Engine type 1-cylinde, 4-stroke, air/oil-cooled, SOHC
Bore 72mm
Stroke 61.2mm
Displacement 249cc
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Max power 14 kw /7500 r/min
Max torque 19.5 N.m /6000 r/min
Minimum fuel consumption rate ≤354g/kw.h
Fuel feeding K172FMM: Carburetor
Starter system Kick
Ignition model PEI
Clutch Wet multiple plate
Drive system Mechanical
Transmission ratio Primary gear ratio 3.283
Shift gear I/II/III/IV/V
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