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Engine technology

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◆ Double oval combustion chamber with double spark plug.
◆ Use the most advanced lean burn technology in the world, carry on the intelligent ignition chip matching control, independent dual ignition device realize engine double-dot combustion.
◆ The best ignition curve according to the engine features.
◆ Use of DT-I technology greatly improves combustion efficiency, and makes full use of the engine potential.
◆ Powerful engine with greatly improved maximum torque.
◆ One of the first “China’s Top Ten Motorcycle Engine”.

Technical Parameters

Engine type 1-cylinder, 4-strokes, air cooled  SOHC
Bore 57mm  
Stroke 48.8mm 
Displacement 124 cc
Compression ratio 9.3:1 
Max power 8. 3 kw /9000r/min 
Max torque 9.0 N.m /8000 r/min 
Minimum fuel consumption ratio ≤367g/kw.h 
Fuel feeding K157FMI-A: carburetor
Starter system Electric /kick
Ignition model PEI
Clutch Wet multiple plate
Drive system Mechanical
Transmission ratio primary gear ratio 3.470 
Shift gear I/II/III/IV/V
3. 000/1. 857/1. 368/1. 095/0. 913
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