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150QMG (H19)
2014-11-13| 2312| Print |

◆ Strong power: meet Europe 600 hours endurance test, through the European certification,  sole supply this engine to Peugeot. Ultra-thin piston ring and lightweight piston, which improve the engine power performance, effectively reduce the vibration and greatly improve the driving comfort. Big torque at low speed, strong power at high speed, fast accelerate from a standstill, stability power on high-speed.
◆ High life: using an integral camshaft retainer, which can avoid camshaft bearing wear, improve the working life of the engine and reduce the noise of the cylinder head.
◆ Low fuel consumption: compared with other 100 cc engines, lower fuel consumption level, economic fuel consumption is 1.7 litres per 100 km.
◆ High environmental protection: the diaphragm carburetor with precise adjustment , secondary air compensating system and digital CDI, vehicle muffler with ternary catalyst, meet the standard of environmental protection of European Ⅲ.

Technical Parameters

Engine type 1-cylinder, 4-strokes, air cooled  SOHC
Bore 50mm
Stroke 52mm
Displacement 102. 1cc
Compression ratio 9. 5:1
Max power 5. 0kw/7000rpm
Max torque 7. 0N. m/5500 rpm
Minimum fuel consumption ratio ≤367g/kw. h
Fuel feeding Carburetor
Starter system Electric/Kick
Ignition Model CDI 
Clutch Dry shoe automatic centrifugal type
Drive system CVT
Transmission ratio Primary 0. 850-2. 830
Gear ratio 2. 5×3. 77
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