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QINGQI Attended 116th Canton Fair Successfully
2014-12-10| 924| Print |

116th Canton Fair concluded on OCT. 19th. Up to 18, statistics show that this conference issue to purchaser although were lower than the 115th, but compared to the 114th , issue of the number had a great growth. At the same time, mechanical and electrical and minmetals products, which is China's two major foreign trade products, traded mixed, which makes the uncertainty of the international market to further highlight.

Up to 18, statistics show that the number of buyers from the world reached 96,393, which were lower than the 115th, but compared to the 114th it had a great growth. Those show that China's foreign trade export still has strong appeal.

QINGQI Owns Big Harvests
For QINGQI, the 116th was a big harvests fair. Company received 130 customer at the Canton fair, of which 45 Asian clients, 36 European customers, 24 American customers and 24 African customers. The most gratifying is that some customers on the spot Fair sign a significant number of orders, which lay a solid foundation for export Qingqi of 2015.
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